A virtually new approach to capturing the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands has now become the trademark of Hawaii artist, Giorgio. His palette undoubtedly reflects the colorful extravaganza of the Hawaiian Islands, yet this prolific painter has discovered a way to take his art—and his love of Hawaii—one step further.

Called Plein Air, Giorgio has created a style of painting is which he “sculpts” vibrant images with color. His paintings radiate unique dimensions and incredible depths that have allowed the uncommon technique to evolve into Giorgio’s own signature creation.

“It is basically a technique in which I manipulate oil paints with a palette knife, using alternating degrees of emphasis that concur with the scene,” said the artist whose professional career has spanned more than 25 years. Preferring to paint scenes on location, the Hawaii-based artist describes his recent work as “bold, impressionistic and vibrantly splashed with color.”

Giorgio’s affinity for the unparalleled beauty of the Hawaiian Islands dominates his artwork, making each piece a collector’s item for satisfied art lovers from all over the globe.

This self-taught artist, who began painting at age 11, was born in Ecuador and has traveled while creating art throughout Central and South America, Europe, and the Orient. His first professional success occurred in Mexico at the age of 19 when his work was displayed at government-sponsored art galleries gaining acclaim.

Today Giorgio perpetuates his legacy as a master of many artistic mediums which he uses to capture the essence of Hawaii and of nature. His paintings depict a range of scenes and scenery of the Hawaiian Islands. From diamond-chip waterfalls cascading from the emerald folds of misty, tangled jungles, Giorgio captures jagged mountains silhouetted by brilliant sunrises and sunsets, and snares shimmering rainbows against a back drop of ancient canyons and lush valleys with his canvas net.

“There’s just something extraordinary about Hawaii’s spectacular beauty and incredible lushness, which is difficult to express in words, but is something I can fully express on canvas.”

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